I’m sure it’s safe to assume that we all have our preferences when it comes to fashion: items that we love and others that we swear we’ll never be caught dead in; for me personally, white jeans are that thing. I’m not sure if it’s the high maintenance aspect, or that fact that I’ve seen them worn in some incredibly unflattering ways, but either way I cannot stand them. That said, this season I was really on the hunt for a piece that had a similar aesthetic & versatility but was also different enough to make me feel confident while wearing it. I’ve had my fair share of linen pants and trousers but I was determined to find something a bit more casual. After doing some online investigation, it finally hit me; a denim maxi skirt! I’ve been utterly obsessed with this trend since last year and though I have collected quite a few thus far, they’ve all been various shades of blue/black so there was still a void in my wardrobe. Another recent purchase was this monochrome graphic mesh tee which instantly intrigued me as an elevated take on a traditional closet staple. When it comes to accessories, I’ve been enjoying updating my collection with more eye-catching pieces and quickly realized that I was in need of a red bag. However, after narrowing down my options based on what was in my price range and actually in stock, it didn’t take me long to find the cutest leather shoulder bag featuring both silver and gold hardware. Despite it being the perfect size to hold my essentials, I also loved that regardless of my jewelry, it would never clash due to the mixed metal accents. Lastly, I chose to keep it simple while finishing off the ensemble with black heeled wrap sandals and a pair of classic cat-eye sunnies. Comment below your favorite featured item, as well as one garment in general that you would never wear. Until next time!

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