There are certain styles that will always be classically chic to me and no matter how simplistic or boring they may be to some, I’ll always appreciate them. This is exactly how I feel about all/primarily black ensembles. I’ve heard individuals comment on how they can be too harsh, or suggest other darker shades like navy, grey, or brown as alternatives; and while I love those colors in their own right, nothing in my opinion can compare. There’s just a badass edginess that comes with wearing black head to toe, and for me it will always be a staple look especially during the colder months. These powerful monochrome outfits make such an impact no matter what garments are being displayed, or in what room you happen to be in. I’ve personally had my eye on this faux leather set for quite some time and made no hesitation to buy it when to my surprise, it had actually gone on sale. It’s no secret that I have fully embraced the lace-up detailing trend this year, and figured it was only right that I add a Fall/Winter appropriate version to my wardrobe. Because this set was nearly a complete look on it’s own, I knew it would just be a matter of incorporating the perfect accessories to finish it off. Though I was sure that I wouldn’t be working with any color specifically, I decided almost immediately that this would be my opportunity to showcase my new cow-printed bag. I was so happy to see over the last 18 months how many black-owned business were finally getting the shine and recognition they deserved, so I was determined to support in any way I could! This accessory, while it was not necessarily a “pop of color,” still added an element of interest that brightened & provided contrast to the palette I was working with. That being said, in “matrix-like” fashion, I chose to complete the ensemble with matching heeled sandals that featured an ankle spiral which mimicked that of my top, and my blackest sunnies for a bit of drama. This outfit is one that I’m sure I’ll be reaching for on several occasions throughout the upcoming seasons, and look forward to updating it with boots and other statement outerwear pieces. Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

Top- NA-KD

Skirt- NA-KD

Heels- Mango

Bag- Brandon Blackwood

Sunglasses- Le Specs

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