I think I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that contrast makes every outfit better! Whether it be light vs dark colors, dainty vs rigid fabrics or masculine vs feminine elements; incorporating some kind of juxtaposition always creates dimension and interest. I’ve styled a few slip dresses already this year, and though I didn’t intend to buy any more, this one was extremely hard to resist! Though some may have easily brushed it off as not being “weather appropriate,” I saw a beautiful opportunity for layering. For this styling session, I wanted to pair it with pieces that were on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, leaving the frock to be the focal point for movement and softer undertones. I actually purchased this cropped sweater the same day I got the dress with no intention of pairing them together. However, after doing a few laps around the store and seeing how well they complimented each other in my hands, I knew I had to give it a try! Another recent buy were my chelsea boots, which have easily become my favorite shoe of the season. Though I am typically a heel girl, I wanted to give this chunky footwear trend a chance and to my surprise ended up with one of the flattest versions I’ve seen on the market! I absolutely love their sleek design which allows them to mesh well with any ensemble, as well as the squared off toe which gives a very timeless yet luxe designer feel. Since adding these beauties to my wardrobe, I wear them every chance I get! Finally, to tie everything together, I added a black crossbody bag which managed to adhere to the casual theme while still adding some decorative elements with the shiny silver hardware. I loved how this look turned out and beyond that, am thrilled with how each piece can worn in a variety of ways. Comment below your favorite item featured and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Sweater- Zara

Slip Dress- Zara

Boots- & Other Stories

Bag- Rebecca Minkoff

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