One of the things I try to maintain whenever I style an outfit is to always have an element of contrast. Whether it be textures, silhouettes, or overall style I love to mix up the pieces in my closet to create interesting outfits with character. I believe that doing this keeps me inspired and unafraid to take risks with fashion. This is the exact mindset that sparked this outfit. I thought it would be cool to pair a fitted, tailored sweater with loose and extremely distressed jeans, and then take the contrasting even further by slapping on a pair of heels. I wanted this look to appear effortless and casual while still maintaining an edgy and fashionable vibe, hence the fur trimmed jacket. I think this look contains a lot of statement pieces that definitely stand well on their own but at the same time can be paired together and not look too over the top. This is why I love fashion! There are so many opportunities to take risks and be creative and I encourage everyone to open their closets and explore! Put together 2 pieces that are so drastically different and see how it looks; you never know you could be on to something.

Outfit Details:

Jacket– Nastygal


Levis Jeans– Urban Outfitters

Heels– Jeffrey Campbell

Necklace-Urban Outfitters








  1. This outfit shows lots of Class. I would have never thought of putting these pieces together, however, it’s a great look. This shows you have an eye for style.

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