Easter is the first major holiday that kicks off the Spring season and I always find it to be an amazing time to spend with family as well as embrace some of the lighter, more pastel pieces in my wardrobe. Hues of purple such as lavender and lilac have been a huge trend this season, so much so that I was trying to avoid it at all costs! That being said, when shopping for this particular collaboration shoot, I couldn’t deny the instant attraction to these wide-legged trousers and definitely couldn’t leave the store without them. Aside from the gorgeous color, I also thought that the contrast of the black buttons were a simple yet strikingly chic detail. Recently, I’ve seen this shade worn most often when styled with co-ords or monochrome looks. In efforts to try mixing things up, I chose to pair the pants with a striped satin textured blouse which definitely added a more traditional, classic element to the overall ensemble. Oddly enough, though we briefly discussed color scheme, I didn’t know that my friend Jahira would be wearing a matching white set and purple top so we ended up coordinating in the best way possible! Though barely seen, I also opted for a pair of white heeled sandals which really got me excited for warm weather, despite this particular day being absolutely freezing. To complete my look, I struggled to find a bag that wasn’t so dark that it weighed the look down or bold in color that it took the focus off the the slacks. I finally settled on a tote with wicker detailing and black trim which I felt may not have been the most obvious choice, but definitely pulled the look together in an unexpected way. It also complimented my counterparts neutral taupe boots which made our styling even more compatible. All in all, I had a great time shooting these looks and hope this gave you some ideas for the upcoming holiday weekend! Comment below if you’d like to see more photo shoot collabs in the future. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Shirt- Topshop

Trousers- Mango

Shoes- Topshop

Bag- Zara

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  1. Cheryl Kent Reply

    The look is nicely put together to prepare for the spring.

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