I think it’s safe to say we’ve all heard of the acronym “LBD,” and I’m even more certain most of us ladies have at least one go-to in our closets. The little black dress serves as a classic wardrobe staple that always comes in handy when we are down to the wire and can think of nothing else (or better) to wear. I mean what’s not to love; the LBD is usually slimming, appropriate for most events, and easily paired with just about anything. That being said, I’d like to think of the LWD as its increasingly popular cousin that is slowly becoming a clothing essential of its own. Initially, I saw the little white dress included on styling guides mostly geared towards vacation and holidays. Recently however, that seems to have changed as there are so many variations of this frock on the market; it has become an easy alternative to the traditional LBD. Especially during the warmer months, there’s something so refreshing and minimal about this garment it’s no surprise that it has slowly taken over the closets of many. When I came across this tuxedo inspired version I was instantly sold! The tailored style accented with flowing pleats along the skirt really made this piece the perfect marriage of structure and movement. Because this dress also appeared more formal in my opinion, I decided to play against that and make it a bit more casual and fun. To do this, the first accessory I grabbed was a pair of bright red retro inspired cat-eye frames. While I’m not sure how well this pair in particular suits me, I loved how they popped against the overall stark ensemble. On the more monochrome front, I kept it very simple and plain with probably the most worn pair of white sneakers I own (sidebar: tell me your favorite style/brand of white sneakers in the comments below!). Lastly, to tie everything together, I opted to finish off the look with a multicolored striped crossbody bag; which I am absolutely certain I’ll be styling a lot during the Spring/Summer months. So tell me, are you a LBD or LWD type of girl? Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- Zara

Sneakers- Converse

Sunglasses- Zara

Bag- Zara

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