It’s absolutely insane how fast NYFW always seems to creep up on me, take over my life, and then just like that come to an end like nothing ever happened. For me, this season started off pretty mellow with a fun show called “Texture On The Runway” which highlighted both fashion and hairstyles representative of the natural hair brands that wanted to showcase their creativity on the catwalk. This show was all about unity and embracing the unique features that make us all beautiful. I left this event feeling empowered and appreciated by a room full of men/women I didn’t even know, and I wouldn’t have chosen to start my hectic week any other way!

By day 2 the ball began rolling and I was ready to bolt out of work to attend my first official designer shows of the week. Because I have a 9-5, I have to be incredibly strategic with how I plan my schedule so that I don’t become overwhelmed, yet am still able to fit in as many shows as possible. The first show was by the brand, “Afffair,” and the pieces were stunning to say the least! There was a lot of intricate beading and sequins on almost every piece, paired with delicate textures like chiffon which really created a beautiful contrast of structure and movement on the runway. The second presentation was by a more modern brand called, “Athanasiou,” and honestly it was probably one of the most memorable for me. I loved how each piece came with an element of surprise which included either a cheeky slogan, or an elaborate portrait of what appeared to be Renaissance art. There were several pieces from this collection I could’ve easily seen myself styling and turning heads along the way!

Day 3 was my busiest day as well as my most anticipated because it started off with a brand that I was dying to see, “Taoray Wang.” I loved EVERY. SINGLE. THING. about this show! From the tailored co-ords, bright colors, funky belts, and blazers galore, this show displayed feminine chic in the best way possible! This was also the first day I was really able to connect and network with a few fellow blogger babes that I never really get a chance to see outside of this environment. While attending shows maybe the highlight of NYFW, meeting new people and sharing experiences is really the most important part, and what will keep your brand expanding in the long run.

If I had to give another crucial piece of advice for tackling NYFW, I would say, take advantage of the breaks between shows! While it is easy to get caught up in wanting to get the best photos and making sure you are seen as much as possible, forgetting to eat can quickly turn this chaotic time into a nightmare if you don’t make sure to refuel. I personally make it a point to set a budget for food expenses as well as travel because I engage in both more than usual during this time of year. [Sidebar: If you’re in the city I highly recommend trying BEC, whether its fashion week or not; your taste buds will thank me later!] My last few shows of the day were a part of a collective in which several designers (at least 4-5) showcase their clothing lines and/or jewelry on the runway consecutively. I enjoy these shows because you get to see a variety of brands in one location without having to worry about rushing to the next venue across town. The downside to these shows however, is that because there are so many styles coming at you at once, it can be hard to process all of the fine details. All in all, I was beyond satisfied with my first three days of fashion week and I look forward to recapping the following days in part 2! Until next time!



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