Being a person who always loves to create the best content possible, it can sometimes be nerve-racking when items arrive that don’t exactly fit the vision in the way you expected them to. One thing that’s so intriguing about the fashion industry is that it’s not “one size fits all;” and because of that, there are times when it may take a bit of extra effort to style a piece specific to your body type. While working with the Eggie brand, they allow me to select pieces from their catalog that coincide best with my personal style. Though this dark floral printed dress caught my eye, especially as we’re moving closer to the end of Summer, I didn’t quite expect it to fit the way it did. To be honest, upon initially trying it on, I didn’t think it was flattering for my shape at all. Specifically, because I have broad shoulders and a fuller bust, the cut of the neckline simply made me look boxy and quite wide. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to pull this ensemble together and it wasn’t until the moment I was about to shoot that I suddenly had an idea. The frock came with a tie detail at the front and due to the lack of support I was feeling, I wondered if by tying the fabric around my neck in a halter-style, I could achieve the look I was going for. This small detail completely turned this photo-shoot around for me, and I instantly went from a feeling of uncertainty, to elevated confidence and security. With that issue resolved I was ready to finish pulling together the rest of my outfit with my very worn-in pair of white leather converse and my geometric frames for a modern take on this Victorian-inspired garment. At this point, though my look was nearly complete, I still wanted to add a few more accessories for an extra layer of interest. I felt that my wood basket cross-body bag was the perfect item, as it was neutral and still captured the essence of the season. Lately I’ve also been into mixing metals, so my mini gold hoops were an unexpected touch that just seemed to fit effortlessly. I was genuinely proud of how this ensemble turned out because it forced me to think outside of the box and create a look that was specific to accentuating my frame in the best way. Were you ever forced to wear something unconventionally to make it more complimentary to your body type? Comment below and until next time!

Outfit  Details & Links:

Dress- Eggie

Sneakers- Converse

Bag- Free People

Earrings- & Other Stories

Sunglasses- Quay

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