I’ve probably never put an outfit together faster, that I liked as much as this one! I purchased the boots first and had been waiting for the perfect time to style them. While I wasn’t set on a specific direction, I knew that I wanted to style them in a contrasting way (per usual) against more feminine pieces. What initially caught my attention, was the white piping along a seam of the shoe, as well as the bright blue tab that added an unexpected pop of color. To highlight the stark accent detail, I had pretty much come to the realization that a white frilly dress of some kind was exactly what I needed. Turns out, when it was actually time to do my shopping, I was feeling tremendously under the weather; thus, I made the executive decision to pick one store and not leave until I found my entire look. Now, I’m sure this sounds a bit crazy and overwhelming– IT WAS! I had no idea what I was walking into and hadn’t done any previous online research to see if the store I selected even had pieces that fit my vision; turns out, they did not. At this point it was crunch time so after leaving the fitting room line and putting back a cream-colored dress that I wasn’t very fond of to begin with, I began brainstorming a new plan. At that moment I remembered I had seen a sheer white tunic a few weeks prior, so I quickly located it as soon as possible. By this point, I was starting to get excited because although I had to forgo the frock idea, I was still able to pick up a garment that had the dainty feel I was looking for. From this point, things were much easier as I just needed to find pieces to wear underneath this see-through number. After taking a few more laps around the store, I came across a satin bralette and a table full of denim shorts. Initially, I was leaning towards the obvious choice (which was black), however I decided on the grey distressed version as they were softer and didn’t take away from harsh contrast that the patent booties brought to the look. Lastly, I felt like a bag was needed since I didn’t see any jewelry that really fit the theme of my ensemble. Unfortunately, this was also a bit of a challenge because most of the accessories either didn’t have silver hardware to match the metal accent on the heel of my shoes or were just completely inconsistent with the style genre. Finally, I came across a bright yellowish-lime green cross-body that seemed perfect, yet slightly random at the same time. Though very different in color, it appeared to be the same tone as the blue on my boots which complimented them quite nicely. Overall this look, though rushed, turned out to be one of my favorites for the season! I challenge all of you to try and style an entire outfit from just one store of your choosing, without using any of the pre-styled mannequins for reference (just for fun of course). Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- Zara

Bralette- Zara

Shorts- Zara

Boots- Calvin Klein

Bag- Zara

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