In efforts to maintain my casual style this summer, I definitely think I’ve become a huge fan of the sporty chic look. Though the NBA was not my main inspiration behind this outfit, it appears that the paired pieces in this ensemble could definitely spark up some familiarity. I love this look because it is the definition of effortless for me. I really did not have to do much styling because in my opinion, the items spoke for themselves. The loose fitting knit tank brought an element of interest to the look in that it is a fabric not usually associated with the summer, while the shorts had their own surprise with the embellished details along the side seams. As per usual, I added heels for the fun of it and my single strap mules seemed to fit the relaxed vibe perfectly. To complete the look, I threw on my leather 5-panel cap to tie everything together and add some edge. This look may not be for everyone, but it totally works for me! 🙂

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- H&M

Shorts- H&M

Mules- Topshop

Hat- Urban Outfitters










  1. Cheryl Kent Reply

    Can you buy legs like those? I know your legs were not the main attraction, however that’s what I saw first. Continue sharing your fashions with us. Everyday I look for a new post.

  2. Your creativity is beyond category… please continue to reach…

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