In honor of the gradually rising temperatures, I decided to give my legs a little fresh air with this look. Forever 21 has really been surprising me lately with their pieces, especially those from the “contemporary” line (which is basically where this entire look is from). Since I chose to show a bit of skin on the bottom, I decided to keep the top covered to maintain a natural balance. For those who are just beginning to style and put looks together, this is a great tip to remember! While I wanted to bring a bit of color into this look, I still wanted to remain fairly neutral so I went for this olive green suede dress which I absolutely love! Being in between seasons, periods of the day can still get quite cool so don’t be afraid to continue to reach for heavier fabrics like suede and leather until the weather consistently heats up. As an extra layer, I paired the dress with a an elegant blouse that incorporated a neck tie detail and button sleeves. This Victorian style of blouse has become quite popular over the last few seasons and definitely brings a bit of chicness to any look. To keep the look fun and playful I threw on my fringe heeled sandals which look amazing when strutting down any street. I like this look because though it is fairly simple, the details in the different pieces seem to speak for themselves and come together quite nicely. Now if spring could just hurry up and get here all would be well! Has anyone heard from the groundhog???? Until next time! 🙂

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- Forever 21

Dress- Forever 21

Heels- Zara

Bag- Forever 21

Sunglasses- Zara









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  1. Love the outfit and shoes. It makes you look like a school girl.

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