If I had to choose one ensemble to reflect my personal style, a strong contender would definitely be a suit or co-ord of some kind. It’s no secret how much I love tailoring as well as matching sets mainly because they are always timeless and chic. For quite a few years now I’ve noticed how much suiting has really become a staple as we move into the warmer months, specifically in brighter colors. That being said, I’ve also greatly appreciated the more retro takes on these garments like the version I shared in this post. While I could have absolutely gone for a bolder shade, I was instantly sold when I saw the neutral option. This set was extremely reminiscent of the popular 90’s fashion trends, featuring a cropped jacket and mini skirt. I also loved that it came in a shade that would pair seamlessly with nearly anything! That aside, I still played it a bit safe and complimented the look with what seemed like the most obvious color option; black. I had been gifted a pair of tights that I was excited to try out mainly because they are made to be much more durable than the average pair; and for us long nail wearers, this was right up my alley! Additionally, I was also waiting on the perfect opportunity to style my new knee-high boots that I had actually been eyeing since the holiday season and just recently went on sale. To lighten up the look a tad, instead of layering a solid, dark top, I chose a striped fitted turtleneck instead. Lastly, for a subtle pop of color, I decided to complete the outfit with an olive green bag, my silver geometric frames, and matching jewelry. Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Blazer- Zara

Skirt- Zara

Turtleneck- Free Assembly x Walmart

Tights- UNBRK

Boots- Mango

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