I learned a very valuable lesson in regards to trusting my gut, when I purchased this dress. I had an event that I had been looking forward to for several months and was on the hunt for an outfit that would truly make me stand out among the crowd (SPOILER ALERT: I did see another girl wearing this frock the same day, but the show must go on!). When I first began my search, I was unsure of which direction I wanted to go in and contemplated every possible option I could think of: jumpsuit, two-piece, short dress, long dress, perhaps even a romper? I quickly began feeling like my thoughts were out of a Dr. Seuss book and knew that time was running out, so I had to make a decision. I ended up narrowing down my list to 5 solid selections that I knew I couldn’t go wrong with; and though I already knew which look I was leaning towards most, I still took another week to ask the opinions of every person I could find. From best friends to coworkers, I even allowed my Mom to chime in and give her two cents. At the end of the day, I had a tough decision to make because to my surprise no one chose the outfit that was my personal favorite. So, I had to wonder, did they see something I didn’t? Was this piece truly as great as I thought it was? Finally, I just took the plunge and purchased this vibrant yellow number with no regrets! Because this was such a statement-making garment, I chose minimal accessories that would simply compliment the overall look. The event was held at a park, so I knew I wanted shoes that were comfortable, yet stylish. Unfortunately, these lace-up heels became a bit of a hassle as the day wore on; but for the purposes of my ensemble, they were exactly what I was looking for! The simple strings and clear chunky heel really helped to elongate my legs and emphasize the high-low hem of the dress. On the actual day of the occasion however, I did think more practically and threw a pair of flats in my bag just to be safe. Lastly, I completed the outfit with my black cat-eye frames and was ready to partake in all the festivities! When it comes to personal style, it truly is all about wearing what makes you feel most confident. Had I chosen another clothing option, I’m sure I would have looked nice, but I may have also lost sight of the moment by questioning if I had made the right decision. Luckily everything worked out, and I definitely feel like this Summer so far has been off to a great start! Comment below a time you wore something that not everyone agreed with but truly made you feel your best. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- For Love & Lemons

Sandals- Mango

Bag- Free People

Sunglasses- Mango




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