Teddy coats have really taken the fashion world by storm during the Winter months. Though this isn’t the newest trend, it seems that versions of this style of outerwear have become increasingly popular and a staple in the wardrobes of most “fashionistas.” As with most trends, I took my time and waited to see if this was something I felt that I “needed” while considering which design would be best for my personal style. Traditionally, I’ve seen these coats most worn in neutral tones being either tan or beige. That being said, when I came across this cranberry colored option, I was instantly intrigued. There was something about the richness of the hue that really drew me in and made this a “must-have” piece. As we all know, maintaining warmth is the most important thing during this time of year (especially when you live in the Northeast), and because of that a lot of times your ensemble can become hidden underneath a multitude of layers. For this reason, I think its important to develop a collection of statement outwear pieces that are stylish as well as practical. Because I’ve been styling a lot trousers lately, I knew I wanted to switch things up with either a dress or skirt, and to my surprise it wasn’t that hard to find. This plaid printed dress was perfect because it was neutral enough to not take the focus off of the coat, but still eye-catching and on trend. As it’s still January, I knew better than to wear this frock alone; however I also didn’t want to pair it with a turtleneck because to me, it was the obvious choice. After weighing my options, I finally settled on an over-sized cream colored hoodie to layer it with. In my opinion, this really elevated the look in the most casual way. I loved the juxtaposition of the relaxed sweatshirt against the more fitted and feminine dress. To finish off the look, I threw on my new slouchy over-the-knee leather boots. I absolutely love these because I feel like they give a cool edge to the typical thigh-highs while still remaining sexy and sleek. Overall, I was very much pleased with how this look turned out. It also caused me to me reminisce on my private school days and how I would’ve liked to style my uniform then if given the choice. Comment below your favorite piece of Winter outerwear and whether or not you’re a fan of teddy coats. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- Topshop

Hoodie- Topshop

Coat- Zara

Boots- Zara


  1. Cheryl Kent Reply

    Look at my niece looking all beautiful. I really love this look and the coat tops this look off.

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