While this look is simple, it incorporates just about every popular trend in women’s fashion right now (this was not done on purpose, lol). From the embroidered bomber jacket, to the choker necklace, slip dress, and staple Stan Smith Adidas sneakers…I honestly don’t think I could look like less of a typical “blogger” if I tried. By no means am I complaining though, as I am honestly a lover of each and every one of these trends. Literally, up until the day and time I was ready to shoot this look, I wasn’t quite satisfied. To let you in on a little secret, the sneakers pictured aren’t even mine but I am now determined to own them because of this shoot. I’ve been seeing these sneakers on every blogger and fashion junky religiously for about the last year and a half and while I was planning to steer clear of them for that very reason, I have since been convinced and see why everyone loves them! The comfort alone is a major selling point, but aside from that they really do go with EVERYTHING. I honestly never imagined they would be so versatile with the Kelly green logo but they seem to just….work. Long story short, I had actually brought a pair of white pumps to style with this look but the entire train ride from Harlem to the Soho shooting location, I found myself wishing I had these exact sneakers to wear instead. Luckily, the stars aligned and my awesome photographer happened to be wearing them (in my size) and loaned them to me for the shoot! Yes, she shot in her socks and I will be forever grateful! As stated previously, this look is pretty simple and straightforward. I had been on the hunt for an embroidered bomber that Zara sold about 2 years ago and with no luck finding it, I made my way to Ebay and settled for a dupe (a pretty good one at that)! Because the jacket is so eye-catching, I decided to do without a bag and kept my accessories simple with a black choker and a monogram bar necklace, gifted to me from an amazing jewelry shop based in Brooklyn called Metal Mingle. I am really quite pleased with how this look turned out considering it was so last minute. I guess it never hurts to follow trends every once in a while lol– until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Jacket- Ebay

Slip- Urban Outfitters

Sneakers- Adidas

Necklace- Metal Mingle










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