Life is unpredictable. There are periods of ups and downs and moments that will make you question everything you thought you already knew. What I’ve learned over the years is that while there is no way to prepare or plan for everything that is to come, if you stay focused, everything will eventually fall into place. At this point in my life, the time to put my all into creating my desired reality is now and I refuse to miss my opportunity! When styling this look, I didn’t know how much strength and power I would feel. It’s no secret that a suit is a classic garment that is normally structured and often worn with regards to business. That being said, I love the modern takes on tailoring and how even options that have more of a relaxed fit, or use lighter materials such as linen, can still command the same attention. When figuring out what color to pair this khaki set with, it all came down to my bag choice. After waiting MONTHS for this gorgeous leather tote, I knew I had to style it immediately! Recently, I’ve also found myself gravitating towards all/majority black outfits. Why I waited until the hottest month of the year to experiment with this is beyond me, but I have yet to be deterred. It’s almost as if the details on dark items pop more, especially in the Summer, when most people are staying far away from those shades. To complete the ensemble, I layered a cropped t-shirt featuring a tie-waist detail and a simple pair of mules. Another theme I’ve noticed in my wardrobe is my affinity for classic pieces that have unexpected elements to them; and I personally think this particular look conveyed that seamlessly! For one final touch, I added a neutral pair of chandelier earrings and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Wearing this, I was absolutely in “deal closing” mode and even more excited to put in that work! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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