November 2015


Happy Thanksgiving!!! With this being one of the most gluttonous days of the year, I figured leggings would be the perfect piece to focus on this week. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to feel when reaching for that second or third (or fourth) plate of food is discomfort. The beauty of leggings, aside from their marvelous elasticity, is the fact that they now come in such a variety of textures, prints, and styles that you can always look chic while still being able to breathe. So go ahead and break out your favorite pair of leggings and have a happy holiday with your loved ones! (Don’t forget to click on the images to shop the pieces below.)

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Before it got too cold, I wanted to make sure I styled a true “fall” look and to me, nothing compliments this time of year like a good bomber (or flight) jacket. Bomber jackets have become a true fall fashion staple over the last few years and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a fan myself. I like the edgy vibe that they add to any look, especially when thrown over a dress or incorporated with any outfit involving a pair of heels. I chose to keep my look on the overall casual side by pairing it with a maxi t-shirt dress and accessorizing with a simple beanie and a backpack. For a slight feminine touch and a pop of color I went with a bold red lip as well. To me, this comfy look is great for weekends when running errands, going to the park, or just hanging out with friends and enjoying everything the city has to offer. Bomber jackets come in all colors but I’m definitely a fan of the classic olive green myself. Either way, I definitely think every fashion girl or guy should own one and if you don’t already; what are you waiting for?!?

Outfit Details:

Hat- Obey

Jacket- Urban Outfitters

Dress- Zara

Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Backpack- Zara









As the colder seasons draw nearer and less skin can be shown, in order to make a statement one must rely on outerwear and accessories; and one of my favorites has to be hats! I love hats because aside from being practical, they are also extremely versatile and can transform your look in so many different ways. During the fall, you can never go wrong with a sturdy wide-brimmed hat and a wool coat. Below are some eye-catching hats I came across that will be sure to make a statement as well as keep you looking on trend and put together during the fall and winter.  (Don’t forget to click the images to shop the product!)

Untitled-2 copyUntitled-1 copy
Untitled-1 copyUntitled-4 copy

I feel like “burgundy” is the color probably most associated with the fall season. It almost happens on cue; as soon as the leaves begin to change, everything from lipstick and nail-polish to coats and shoes become this beautiful deep wine color. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a huge fan of the hue and am certainly not complaining; which brings me to this look. I absolutely ADORE this 3-d patterned neck tie blouse, so much, that I decided to use burgundy as my primary color to accentuate it. In true “ASM” fashion, I decided to contrast the dainty top with an edgy, leather pleated mini skirt. In order to keep the look weather appropriate, I kept my legs warm with my thick cotton thigh-high socks and ankle boots. The booties were the perfect addition because they also contained hints of burgundy, just visible enough to tie the entire look together; and with a quick swipe of lipstick I was out the door! I have to say, while this was one of my more feminine looks, I quite enjoyed tapping into my “girly”side for a change. Without discrediting the olives, navys, rusts, and tans of the color spectrum, burgundy is definitely a favorite of mine when it comes to fall. What’s yours??!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- Zara

Skirt- Urban Outfitters

Socks- American Apparel

Booties- Zara

Bag- Dooney & Bourke











After all of the  New York Fashion Week madness, I left feeling super excited and influenced by many of the designer collections. This look in particular was directly inspired by the Balmain spring/summer 2016 line. I was in love with the warm brown tones as well as the primary use of the suede fabric. While this look is pretty simple for the most part, I really wanted to emphasize the contrasting textures. As soon as the saw the faux suede leggings I had immediate flashbacks from the fashion show and knew I would have to create a look around them. Since they are such a statement piece, I decided to keep the top pretty basic with a slogan-tee and a black lightweight blazer to add an extra layer for dimension. To finish off the look I decided to add a two-toned wool hat to expand on the color palette and some strappy black heeled sandals for a chic, feminine vibe. I definitely feel like the suede color and fabric is a huge fall staple and these leggings will absolutely be making some reoccurring appearances in my future outfits. As far as accessories go, we all know I like to keep them minimal, but throwing on a nice wide-brimmed hat is a great way to add a little trendiness to any outfit and look more put together. Balmain has been making quite a bit of noise with this year’s fashion week, as well as with their recent H&M collaboration and all I can say is, I’m loving every minute of it! Until next time friends.

Outfit Details & Links:

Longline Blazer- Urban Oufitters

T-shirt- Zara

Leggings- Zara

Heels- Zara

Hat- Zara










The patchwork trend has always been a popular design when mixing and matching different prints and/or textures, but this year in particular it seemed to really take off. I first started seeing the patchwork design become increasingly popular in regards to the 70’s trend, mostly on suede mini skirts. Since then though, brands and retailers have been using the pattern on various types of garments and including many different fabrics such as wool, leather, and even fur. So far, I haven’t grown tired of it yet and personally think that there is a patchwork piece out there for everyone no matter what your style is, so go find it! (Don’t forget to click on the images to shop the products below.)

Untitled-11Untitled-8 copyUntitled-9 copyUntitled-7 copy



Ok guys, I have a confession to make. I think I might be (faux) leather OBSESSED! Leather has always been one of my go-to fabrics when the temperatures begin to drop but this season my love for it has reached an all-time high and I simply just can’t get enough. I have to literally stop myself from ripping every leather item off the racks and running to the register with it, sad I know. For this look, being that it consisted of three statement leather pieces, I had to strategically assemble it so that it was not overwhelming. In my opinion, a good way to successfully wear items of the same fabric at once is to make sure that the pieces are spread apart and/or differ in color. I attempted to practice both methods in creating this ensemble. Because it was a warmer fall day, I was able to use my bare legs as a barrier between the green leather mini and the leather ankle boots (tights or fun socks could also be added on cooler days). I also added a light grey men’s turtleneck (thanks Dad) to brighten up the look as well as separate the leather texture of the backpack against the other pieces. This look was simple, chic, and comfortable; an all-around fashionable win if you ask me! Unfortunately, I don’t know how I’m going to get past my leather addiction but the first stage is acceptance…..right? 😉

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- Calvin Klein (via Dad)

Skirt- Zara

Boots- Topshop

Backpack- Topshop









As a kid, blouses and other “dress shirts” seemed to be one of the items of clothing I hated to wear most; funny how things drastically change with time. Neck-tie blouses have been a huge trend within themselves, as well as with the 70’s trend, and have been popping up in pretty much all high street fashion retail stores. I love them because they serve an easy way to add more dimension and interest to a look without having to pile on the accessories. Tops like these basically do the work for you and are full of variety depending on how you chose to tie them. There are endless possibilities with neck-tie blouses and they are another chic piece that every fashionista needs! (Don’t forget to click the images to shop the items shows!)

Untitled-2 copyUntitled-4


Untitled-3Untitled-1 copy

When getting dressed, while I am a lover of intricate outfits, I sometimes forget that basic pieces can also be just as chic. On the days where it seems almost impossible to find something to wear, a simple t-shirt can be a lifesaver. For this look I decided to pair an over-sized, mesh detail slogan tee, with leather biker trousers for a relaxed, yet edgy look. While this ensemble could easily be worn with flats, booties, or sneakers, I chose to add a little more detail with these iridescent single-strap heeled sandals. Throw on a nice fall coat, and you automatically look put together and effortless with hardly any time or energy wasted. For me, looks like these are pretty much my weekend uniform. Whether you are running errands, shopping around, or meeting friends for brunch you can never quite go wrong with this look. I think the key is to choose pieces that are simple but have subtle, eye catching details. Don’t forget, it IS possible to be comfortable and make a statement, so give it a try!

Outfit Details & Links:

Coat- Topshop

T-shirt- Missguided

Pants- Urban Outfitters- Similar Here

Heels- Zara