I have now been to Paris twice, and with each visit my love for the city of lights continues to grow. To be honest, though I enjoyed my trip this past September, I came back feeling quite “thrown off.” My routine was out of sync, I felt depleted creatively, and overall just completely and utterly uninspired. That said, I decided to give myself grace and time to get back into the groove. I went back to filming my weekly office outfits, and slowly but surely began to feel like myself again! From my last blog shoot to now, we have since entered a new season so I wanted to style a look that fully captured where I was in the present moment– and what better way than with a sweatshirt showcasing the last place that brought me so much joy?! I had been eyeing this piece for well over a year now and I’m still baffled that it took me this long to finally pull the trigger. When it comes to the Fall/Winter seasons, I feel like there’s two types of people: ones that lean towards the camel/warm tones and those who prefer the grey/cool tones. I am absolutely the latter. As much as I love those hues on others, if I have to choose between two coats, a neutral taupe is going to win over a rich caramel every single time. I’d say this is most likely because I tend to ground the majority of my outfits with some element of black, and whenever I ‘ve tried to incorporate a warmer brown shade into my wardrobe it hardly gets worn. So with that bit of insight, I pretty much knew exactly how I was going to assemble this look. Though they were slightly different shades, I thought the color of my top and pleated mini skirt were close enough that I could use this an an opportunity for a monochrome foundation ( we also know I LOVE a co-ord set moment). In efforts to play into the “collegiate” trend and give a nod to my private school uniform days, I also decided to layer with a long-sleeved poplin bodysuit, which perfectly complimented the stark white lettering. For juxtaposition purposes, I thought a chunky knee-high boot would add a bit of grit to the ensemble and offset the preppy feel. Lastly, I threw on my olive vinyl trench to complete the styling and was beyond satisfied with the outcome! I kept my accessories sleek with classic square frames and a leather bag featuring silver hardware that effortlessly coordinated with my staple everyday jewelry. In my opinion, this was the perfect introduction back into blogging and I’m excited to finish out the year strong with some holiday looks and much needed festive content. Until next time!

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