My favorite time of year is quickly approaching, and as we begin refreshing our wardrobes in preparation for the upcoming seasons, there have been quite a few pieces on my radar lately. While the classic staples (leather, knits, outerwear, etc) will forever be reoccurring, I’ve really been enjoying the emphasis on tailoring. I have always been a “trouser girl,” but as I’ve grown in my style evolution, I’ve also accumulated an assortment of blazers as well as full suits; waistcoats however, have become a new and exciting challenge! I’m used to seeing them styled by effortlessly chic women in the Summer, usually in all white or lighter neutral tones, while jet-setting through Europe (a total vibe, I know). Though I could admire and appreciate the aesthetic, I wasn’t sure how practical it was for my everyday life. That said, I recently stumbled upon this khaki version and was instantly intrigued! For starters, the contrasting buttons were fully within my comfort zone as I tend to ground the majority of my looks with some kind of black accessory. In addition to that, I thought about the versatility and how the color as well as the layering potential ensured my cost per wear even as we move into the colder months. Considering I won’t have too many more opportunities to wear this set as is, I decided to keep it easy-breezy and give a nod to the minimalist fashion girlies across the globe. In all honesty I actually forgot to bring my sunglasses in the midst of a hectic morning, so luckily I had the boldest necklace I own which never fails to make the perfect eye-catching statement. I opted for my go-to top handle bag and heeled sandals to complete the ensemble and could not have been more pleased with the outcome. If you haven’t already, this is the time to begin going through your closet and seeing what garments can be transitioned into Fall/Winter and which will be tucked away until next year. Who’s ready for pumpkin spice?!! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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