For the most part I feel like my style this Summer has remained fairly neutral, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t enjoy a burst of vibrancy every now and then. As we continue into the later months of the season, I tend to gravitate towards effortlessness and ease when it comes to styling my outfits. Between the intense heat and subtle longing for Fall, whatever ensemble requires the least amount of thought is usually what I opt for. I had seen this slip dress on Instagram months ago, and was immediately obsessed! The overall rose print, contrast of colors, and lace-up details captured every stylistic genre from feminine and romantic to whimsical and contemporary. Knowing this piece would be the star of the show, keeping my accessories tame was a no-brainer. Surprisingly, I chose to take the juxtaposition a step further by selecting a flat platform sandal instead of a heel. In no way did this frock lack in eye-catching ability, so choosing the more comfortable route seemed like a perfectly sufficient way to ground the look. Because of the black elements incorporated into the abstract design, I did not hesitate to grab my favorite round sunnies and top handle bag which I have consistently featured time and time again. I think this outfit also proves that if you strive to build an elevated wardrobe with quality garments, no matter what you pair together, there will always be a level of interest and a sense of effort. Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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