As much as I love shopping, there’s nothing more exciting than rediscovering pieces in your wardrobe that you either forgot about, or for whatever reason no longer gravitate towards. For this particular shoot, I actually went shopping and bought a few new items because I felt like I had “nothing to wear.” To my disappointment, I wasn’t very impressed with any of the things I picked up during that trip and instead of forcing it and styling something I wasn’t in love with, I opted to take another look through my own closet to see what I could find. I purchased this dress during the Fall of last year, and never had the opportunity to wear it; that is, until now! I remember what initially caught my eye was the illusion of a shirt-skirt combo. I also loved the balance that the garment provided by being slightly oversized on top and more fitted on the bottom. Once I realized my foundation was set, I decided not to overthink the ensemble and just compliment it with some of the classic pieces I personally cherish and enjoy. Because this frock was quite mini, I felt like adding an oversized blazer would help with the proportions and incorporate a bit of modesty. Keeping the weather in mind however, and trying my best not to overheat, I reached for my lace up flat-form sandals which bring an edginess to any outfit I pair them with. For accessories (sunglasses aside), I wanted to break up the shades of black with a wine-colored handbag and it made for the perfect subtle pop of color. After layering on some gold jewelry, I was beyond satisfied and ready to live the street-style fantasy! This look definitely ended up being more “off-duty” inspired with the combination of traditional capsule collection must-haves and a few more modern elements that kept it exciting and fresh. As a fashion content creator, it’s easy to get caught up in the pressures of constantly feeling the need to always show the newest styles and trends. That said, sometimes just taking a new approach to your closet staples will do the trick in the most effortless way! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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