Believe it or not, this was my first official photoshoot of 2023 and surprisingly it came with a lot more anxiety than expected. I am approaching my 8th year of blogging and despite having done it for so long, after the holiday reset plus taking nearly a month off, I seemed to be second guessing myself more than ever. Though I am comfortable in my style and how I showcase it, for whatever reason it took me a bit longer to get back in the swing of things this time around. That said, with NYFW quickly approaching I knew I couldn’t stay in that mindset for too long as there are many exciting looks I have (and have yet) to plan for! I purchased this jumpsuit towards the end of last year and instantly fell in love from the moment I tried it on. Cargos have been a huge trend, which appear to be here to stay, so I was thrilled to be able to experiment with them via this garment. Because of the current temperatures, I knew layering would be a must and though I had quite a few options to choose from, I decided to keep it sleek and simple with a sleeveless bodysuit in a similar shade. Since I was now working with a fairly dark monochrome base, I chose to lighten up the ensemble with my outerwear and bag choice. My collection of coats has definitely grown over the years and while it may seem excessive to some, in my humble opinion, they all serve a different purpose, mood, and style. Since my overall look was casual, I opted for a relaxed fitting taupe number which still provided a cozy yet effortless statement. For footwear, a classic sock bootie seemed like the best option, however I made sure to incorporate some playfulness with a bold geometric shaped cross-body. Lastly, to tie in the gold hardware, I threw on an abstract hoop earring and my favorite chic rectangular sunnies. I understand this may not be the most complex outfit, but I believe that is the beauty of minimalism and the subtle impact it can provide. I’m interested to see the direction my expression through clothing takes in 2023 and I hope you’ll enjoy what is to come! Until next time!

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