After taking a week off to get my head and game plan together for 2023, I was ready to come back with my first blog post of the year! It’s so crazy to see how our styles continue to evolve over time and though I don’t notice any drastic changes, the theme of quality over quantity remains the standard. I’m at a point where I don’t mind spending a little more on a piece if it means that it will hold a place in my wardrobe for years to come. I had been eyeing this sweater for a few months and as soon as the Black Friday sales came around, I knew that was my chance to make it mine! To be completely honest, knitwear is something that I have no shortage of; that said, this one seemed “different.” The shape, construction, and contrast stitching really intrigued me; and from the first time I tried it on, I knew I had made the right decision. When it comes to trends, the denim midi/maxi skirt is here to stay! Again, being an individual that also has no shortage of denim in her arsenal, I had to be strategic. I knew I wanted to try it out, but I didn’t want to purchase anything too similar to what I already owned. After carefully surveying my closet and many returns/exchanges later, I finally settled on this dark-wash garment. Though I was unsure at first, I have actually grown to love the minimal design and streamline fit. At this point, I was ready to tie everything together and ended up making a last minute decision which completely worked out in my favor (if I do say so myself, LOL)! Of course, I could’ve easily anchored this ensemble with a black boot but I remembered another footwear option I had recently seen and loved, but was unfortunately already sold out online. Cowboy boots have also been trending, and for a long time I didn’t think they had a place in my collection; that was, until I found a pair that had all of the elements I was looking for. So long story short, the evening before my shoot I ran into the city to try them on and instantly knew they were the missing link to complete my look! Typically, I try to create outfits that are more coordinated and less “matchy” but for some reason, I wasn’t bothered by the monochrome color palette I was working with. For accessories I kept it simple with a white geometric shoulder bag and baseball cap which totally brought me back to my college fashion era. Lastly, in efforts to add a bit of juxtaposition to the overall casual vibe, I threw on a fully embellished statement earring and a red lip for a slight pop of color. I am more than happy to be back in the swing of things and hope you are just as excited to see what this new year has in store! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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