Another year has come to an end and what a whirlwind it has been! It’s so surreal whenever we get to this point because it’s the only time we truly have a sense of “reset” and starting anew. Personally, while I’m trying to focus on gratitude overall, I also want to take account of everything that did not serve me over the last 365 days. All of the negative thoughts, habits, routines and even people who have no place in the next chapter of my story will be left here in this moment. As I get older, it’s important for me to prioritize healing, growth, and working the plans I’ve made to create the life that I rightfully deserve; and I hope you do the same! I’ve mentioned previously that the Fall and Winter holiday seasons are my favorite, and unfortunately it seems as though they keep flying by faster than the last. Because of that, my enthusiasm towards the festivities was slightly underwhelming and I feel like it reflected in my approach to styling my ensembles. That being said, there was no shortage of sparkle and shine which is really all that matters, right?! I had been on the hunt for a sequin top and actually purchased one but sadly, I was not in love with it. To my surprise, about two weeks later I stumbled upon another one during the Black Friday sales and though it was still a bit more than what I had initially paid for the first option, it was well worth it! The quality and construction of the sequins were infinitely better as well as the gunmetal color which made it more edgy and luxe in my opinion than the typical high-shine silver. In efforts to keep the rest of the look understated, I reached into my closet for a patent mini skirt and layered it with some fishnet tights for added texture and interest. I completed the outfit with a few more “vintage” wardrobe staples, including my pvc slingback heels and houndstooth coat which I honestly do not get enough wear out of! A black leather top-handle bag and signature red lip were all I needed to tie everything together and be ready for an at home or out on the town NYE celebration! I’m leaving 2022 filled with love, light, and optimism for an incredibly abundant 2023. See you there!

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