WOW! We’ve made it to yet another holiday season and I couldn’t be more grateful and blessed to be where I am in this moment. Of course, not everything went according to plan, but the fact remains that everything happened the way it was supposed to and all I can do is appreciate how far I’ve come. While Christmas is my favorite holiday and I like to partake in as many festivities as possible, it’s also a time of much needed reflection and introspection. With less than a week until 2023, it’s all about strategizing and planning how to make the most out of the new year while striving for bigger and better all around. On a lighter note, I did obtain quite a few standout wardrobe additions in 2022 and showcasing them was an absolute must! Two of my favorite brands did a highly anticipated collaboration and I refused to let it pass me by without making at least a few pieces mine. While this bold fringe dress is honestly a bit out of my comfort zone, I knew that I would regret not picking it up so I did what needed to be done! These thigh-high patent boots were also a recent purchase and one that has truly exceeded my expectations. I’ve been weighing my Winter footwear options for quite some time and though I had already ordered a similar pair during the Black Friday sales, I immediately shipped them back as soon as I received these beauties. Everything from the fit and heel structure to the overall quality had me sold, and with NYFW right around the corner I knew they’d be worth the investment! Because we are still in the midst of the festive season I had to throw in some sparkle and opted for a black embellished earring to compliment my shoes and bag covered in the most beautiful rhinestones. Lastly, I completed the ensemble with a sleek pair of sunnies and was more than happy to paint the town RED! I hope you all are enjoying the time spent with your loved ones and are making lasting memories that you’ll cherish for as long as possible. Until next time!

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