With the current focus of most industries being sustainability and ethically sourced products, I was happy to hear that a brand I personally work with, Adidas, would be doing their part to prioritize this positive movement. Specifically, they have created the Prime Blue Parley line dedicated to the fight against ocean plastic, and have even orchestrated a run for this cause which you can sign up for on May 18th, through the Runtastic App! The event will take place 5/28-6/8 and for every kilometer run, walked, jogged, or rolled, Adidas and Parley’s global cleanup network will remove the equivalent weight of 10 plastic bottles (up to 500,000 pounds) from beaches, islands, and coastal communities to help make our world a cleaner place! I was personally amazed at the idea that these synthetic materials that make up a majority of what most of us probably have in our homes, were being used to not only produce clothing but to simultaneously reduce waste. It truly is unfortunate how much our planet has suffered due to a lack of recycling and litter, so I was happy to be aligned with this campaign in efforts to spread awareness and make better choices in my personal daily life. Upon receiving the pieces, I never would’ve guessed that they were made of anything other than the usual clothing textiles. The t-shirts and shorts were so soft while remaining breathable, which is key for the Spring and Summer seasons. I also loved the chic drawstring details which allowed for the option to turn these simple tees into edgy crop-tops. The sneakers were also incredibly light, yet still comfortable and structured enough for any high-intensity workouts or outdoor activities that may take place this year. I was beyond pleased with these items and even more proud to wear them because I knew that they were a part of a bigger picture that is making a difference. Comment below one way you have personally made an effort to live sustainably and until next time!


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