Recently, I’ve tried to develop a much more conscious outlook when it comes to shopping. Instead of just seeing an item that I think is “cute” and immediately reaching for my wallet, I now give myself time to really decide whether or not this piece can make an impact in my wardrobe. Cost per wear also plays a major factor these days in deciding if I’m going to pull the trigger and leave the store with a particular garment or accessory. Specifically, I am referring to this Marc Jacobs cross-body which I have been eyeing up since before the holidays. Initially I thought I would receive it as a Christmas gift, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it remained on my wish-list a bit longer. While it is not a piece that would necessarily break the bank, it is definitely priced at a point that required an extra level of thought. That aside, this particular bag literally comes in every color combination you can think of! Because of this, I really wanted to make sure that the color-way I chose was different than anything I already owned, but also versatile enough that I could wear it across multiple seasons. Since I already had a few black bags, I knew that I was leaning towards something that was lighter in color, but could also serve as a neutral. After a few more weeks of deliberation, I finally settled on a taupe, cream, and blush option featuring gold accents, along with a strap highlighting neon and silver details. As far as I was concerned this bag literally covered all of the basis! It was trendy, wearable, and chic while still honing in on a few classic elements. I knew this accessory would be the focal point of the look so a black, white, and denim palette seemed like the way to go. While my jeans and lucite heels were already wardrobe staples, I decided to play off of the “business casual” trend and tried styling a classic white button-up shirt; something I haven’t done in quite some time. I loved the over-sized fit, balloon sleeves, and tiny cutouts which really made it unique. Though I wasn’t sure if this would actually suit me, I decided to take a chance and layered a black bralette over the top for an unexpected, Parisian flare. With a final addition of gold jewelry, I was absolutely thrilled with how this look turned out! If I had it my way, I would’ve jumped on the first flight to Milan fashion week; maybe next season! Comment below, your favorite part of this ensemble and if you’re also a more thoughtful shopper when deciding to add new editions to your closet. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Shirt- Zara

Bralette- Zara

Jeans- Mango

Heels- Aldo

Bag- Marc Jacobs

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