A new beginning. A fresh start. Regardless of how you choose to view it, we’ve been given another opportunity to make the most of the time we have on this planet. Despite what you failed to accomplish or what has yet to happen, the first of the year represents an overall reset as well as a chance to write a new chapter in this book called “life.” I chose to enter 2024 with a mindset of peace and gratitude from the comfort of my own home. With everything going on in the world, I wasn’t feeling very celebratory and like many, I felt reluctant going out when I still have so much work to do to get to where I ultimately want to be. That said, as a fashion and style content creator the festive looks still had to be captured! Had I gone out, I would’ve most likely pulled from my closet (surprising I know) and kept the overall vibe comfortable yet chic. The last time I wore this white feather-trimmed blazer was during my first trip to Paris in 2022, and it has always remained a special piece in my wardrobe. Thanks to one of my brand partners, I was also kindly gifted these sequin trousers which seemed like the most fitting garment for the occasion. Because I was working with two rather bold items, I wanted to keep my accessories fairly minimal with a metallic heeled sandal and my usual jewelry; though I did spice it up with a rhinestone and pearl necklace, which perfectly accentuated the plunging neckline. I wanted to keep this post short and sweet, but as far as the new year goes, the theme is: temporary sacrifice, for long-term success. Of course I still plan to sprinkle in some fun along the way, but I really want to push myself to focus on the things I can control while putting in the work to create the life I deserve. Comment below if this resonates with you and how you’re planning to walk into day 1 of 365. We got this!

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