I can’t believe we’re at the end of yet another year! With Christmas right around the corner, the only thing I’m focused on is maintaining my peace, while staying present and grateful this festive season. This year, I began a new video series showcasing my weekly office outfits over on Instagram and this one actually made the cut! Though I did opt for different footwear (specifically, boots) when I initially wore this ensemble, it made quite the statement at this year’s holiday party! Red has been one of the main standout colors of 2023, so it was only right that I share my own interpretation when the occasion presented itself. A great benefit to wearing vibrant hues is that they are so eye-catching, your outfit will always look elevated regardless of how simple it actually is. To take it a step further, a bold monochrome pairing adds a streamlined chicness no matter how bright or muted the color palette. So long story short, all it took was a mock neck sweater and satin midi skirt to create a seemingly well thought out look. Now, of course I couldn’t just stop there! In efforts to stay on theme, I knew from the start that I’d be accenting the crimson tones with elements of silver. Starting with my shoes, these demure closed toe heels have been an absolute staple in my wardrobe from the moment I bought them! They provide just enough interest and shine, while still remaining subtle enough to compliment a variety of styles whether formal or casual. In preparation for all of the upcoming festivities, I found myself wanting to update some of my costume jewelry pieces; and from the moment I saw these earrings, I was sold! In all honesty, though I did love them, I couldn’t help but feel like maybe the “shoulder-grazers” were a bit too much; but there was only one way to find out. After receiving them in the mail and trying them on with a few of my closet favorites, I knew I had made the right decision and could not have been more pleased with how this look turned out! As a final touch I added my everyday rings, a beaded bag to match, and was fully ready for a merry evening with family, friends, or even coworkers! Comment below if/where you’d wear this outfit, along with your favorite featured item. Until next time!

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