I’d say more often than not, my styling strategy is to create looks around one focal piece that tends to be the most eye-catching. That being said, I don’t always shy away from taking fashion risks and like to push the envelope every now and then. This season I’ve been incorporating more highly saturated shades into my Fall/Winter wardrobe, and am extremely pleased with the new additions thus far. There are quite a few garments that I tend to gravitate towards during this time of year, and trousers (specifically leather) are always at the top of the list. I had actually been on the hunt for this particular style in brown, but unfortunately they remained sold out just long enough for me to settle on another pair from a different brand. Though I was satisfied with the pants I ultimately purchased, I couldn’t help but continue to look at the original version and when I saw they came in another color, I decided to give them a try! Red has always been a color that I noted as one of my favorites, but at the same time recognized it as one that I hardly ever wore. For some reason I guess it always seemed a bit too “loud” or intimidating, which in my mind made it impossible to style; that is, until now. Upon receiving them in all of their tomato-colored glory, I was excited to get them on and absolutely floored by how well they fit. So far, I was off to a great start and it didn’t take long before I came up with a game plan. I had been eyeing a gorgeous leopard print bodysuit online and just knew both items would compliment each other perfectly! As my ensemble came together, it was only right that I kept the playfulness going with my accessories as well. After much thought and deciding that a plain black bag just wouldn’t suffice, I swiftly reached for a statement making crossbody bag featuring gold hardware and graphics that matched my bold color scheme. I completed the outfit with black croc embossed boots, some of my favorite jewelry pieces, and a chic pair of cat eye frames. While this look is more on the “maximalist” side, I still consider it to be pretty wearable especially as we move into the holiday season. Comment below if this is something you would personally rock, or if it’s too far out of your comfort zone. Until next time!

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