When styling, I love nothing more than mixing and matching different pieces. Whether it be through textures, prints, or fashion genres, this trick in my opinion always helps bring more dimension and interest to an ensemble. I received this floral crop top and honestly didn’t have a clear direction regarding what I wanted to pair it with. Jeans seemed like the easy way out, but I wanted to push myself a little harder. Instead, I settled on a cream-colored denim mini skirt that kept the same casual element I seemed to be leaning towards, while also perfectly matching the tones in my top. Believe it or not, I was completely stumped at this point. I was pleased with how the two garments I had looked together, but for me, the look was far from complete and just fell a bit flat. Being a girl who NEVER plans her outfits in advance, it’s no surprise that more times than not, I’m usually finalizing my style creations the morning of my shoot and adding finishing touches that I wasn’t able to think of in the days prior. I decided to give my AF1’s a break and revisit my trusty Vans for footwear. Still, the ensemble was giving me unrefined middle-school vibes. In the final moments I had before I needed to get ready, as usual, the vision came to me. I pulled a striped blazer from a suit set that I haven’t worn in quite some time and saw the look instantly elevate before my eyes. Since I decided to forego a bag, I relied on my accessories to save the day. Lately, I have become more of a jewelry wearer, with a slight obsession for rings. That said, I made sure to incorporate some gold pieces with a coordinating cuff bracelet and my small hoops. After adding a round pair of frames, I was finally satisfied and ready to SLAY! When developing your personal style, I think it’s so important to try new things and step out of your comfort zone; you never know, you might just stumble upon an odd combination you like! Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links: 

Blazer- Topshop

Top- Eggie

Skirt- & Other Stories

Sneakers- Vans

Sunglasses- & Other Stories

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