While it would be nearly impossible to showcase all of the footage I captured this season during NYFW, I wanted to pull some of my favorite photos together to get a BTS feel of this hectic week. Because I’m still balancing a full-time job, I decided to start slow, and ease my way into the festivities with a night of socializing and shopping at Mejuri in Soho. This charming jewelry store, is full of every dainty, delicate, and modern accessory one could imagine! By the end of the night, being a person who typically gravitates towards simple everyday pieces, I had definitely taken note of a few midi rings I could stack as well as timeless earrings that could add a subtle touch of interest to any ensemble.


The second day, I kicked things up a notch and attended my first collection of shows. What I like most about these runway presentations, is that they showcase different designers and allow the viewer to really get a sense of each designers’ inspiration. Bright colored outerwear and tailored garments definitely seemed to be a theme across the board; however, the combination of military structured garments and feminine silhouettes had to be my favorite!


Day 3 was a fun one as I started my day with a networking brunch that brought together women of color in the fashion-technology space. After listening to the panel and doing a bit of mingling on my own, I truly felt uplifted, inspired, and more motivated than ever! Once the afternoon had come to an end, it was time for a few more shows. By far, my favorite collection featured more avant-garde pieces where the designer paired lace masks with embroidered gowns, truly bringing an unexpected edge to formal evening wear.


This was by far my busiest day. I had back to back shows and was literally running all around the city from 1pm-9pm. The highlight of this day was seeing Hakkan Akaya. I always love the gritty, “punk rock” elements this brand brings; but this year, they seemed to take their designs in a slightly different direction with more futuristic pieces as well. The strong shoulders, colorful metallics, and studded jumpsuits, definitely made this show one of the most exciting to witness. I also got a chance to go backstage at Pier 59 and capture some of what goes on minutes before the shows start. There always seems to be a “calm chaos” in the air, coupled with dozens of people scrambling to steam garments, finish hair & makeup, and make sure the model line-up is correct—but what else would you expect from NYFW?!


My second to last day of the week, I spent supporting my friend at her event hosted by the popular app, Bumble, where she was speaking on a panel discussing the experience of being Latina in the influencer world. It was highly informative and really stressed the importance of inclusion and equality in all spaces. Lastly, I ended my season of NYFW with a sexy show by the brand, Affair. I’ve attended this designer’s shows during previous seasons, and always appreciate the intricate details of each garment and how they are so specifically created for the strong, confident woman. As per usual, this fashion week was a hectic one, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend while building my network, and capturing content that I love. See you in September! <3

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