Anyone who is even remotely into fashion, or shopping for that matter, knows that most designers are usually at least one season ahead when it comes to production. This means, that although it may still be hot outside, you will begin to see heavier pieces like knits and jackets slowly being integrated onto retailer’s websites and in stores. By this time of year, I am absolutely anticipating the Fall season and strategically buying garments that I know for a fact can be styled during the cooler months. (PRO-TIP: Start looking for key staples like leather jackets, trench coats, knitwear, etc. now because by the time you need them they’ll be sold out and/or severely marked up in price!) Being a style blogger, I am usually in the know about a lot of things regarding upcoming trends and fashion forecasts. That being said, one of my favorite things has to be learning from other creators in this space especially when it comes to new brands that I’ve never heard of or are based outside of the U.S. regions. My slip dress collection has definitely grown over the years, but this particular frock may be my favorite one to date. Aside from the rich color and smooth metallic-like finish, the double-lined fabric and seamless fit were an absolute dream! I’ve always considered these dress styles more on the casual side, but this one changed my perspective entirely and proved that they can be worn even in more formal settings. In efforts to keep it as the focal point of the ensemble, I chose an understated and slightly monochrome color palette to complete the outfit. I opted to layer with a neutral beige blazer, and contrast with a textured black handbag and mules. On this rare occasion, I chose to forego sunglasses but stuck to my usual gold jewelry as a final touch. This ensemble definitely gave me all of the autumnal feels and dare I say, ready for Summer to come to an end??? Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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