In actuality, the only piece of this outfit that is from a thrift store is my hat but I love it so much that I felt like it deserved its own title lol. I had been on the hunt for a Nike “dad cap” for a few months and found that every time I came across one I liked,  it was either sold out or just plain over priced. My good friend happened to mention checking a thrift shop– I usually tend to stay away from them due to my lack of patience but on this particular day I just decided to go for it. To make a long story short, we went in and after a solid 5 minutes of perusing the store, there it was (and for a mere $3 at that!). It was truly my lucky day and it has become my new wardrobe staple since the day I purchased it. While I was originally on the hunt for a black one, I’ve found that the taupe actually suits me better as it adds a touch of contrast while still remaining neutral. It also makes me feel super cool and “effortless” when I throw it on with a variety of looks. I’ve had all of the items in this look for at least a year now and they still do not disappoint! I like this look because it even though all of the pieces are pretty simple, they work together to create a chic ensemble that can certainly go from day to night.

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- Zara- Similar

Jacket- Urban Outfitters- Similar

Heels- Urban Outfitters- Similar

Hat- Thrift- Similar










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