March 2015



I really don’t think there is any greater feeling than waking up on a Saturday morning (or afternoon lol) after a long week of work and realizing that you have no set schedule or obligations except for the ones you have put in place for yourself. That feeling where time finally slows down and you have the choice to either get up and run around the city or lay in bed until you get hungry enough to get up. That is the feeling I wanted to dedicate this outfit to. A comfortable and casual ensemble that works whether I am out and about catching up on errands or sitting at home binge watching movies or reading an inspiring novel. With everything we have going on in our lives, let’s not forget to relish in these relaxing moments and make the most of them…stylishly of course. 😉

Outfit Details:

Top: Asilio

Pants: Urban Outfitters

Sneakers: Zara

Birkenstocks: Urban Outfitters

Tote: Baggu












One of the things I try to maintain whenever I style an outfit is to always have an element of contrast. Whether it be textures, silhouettes, or overall style I love to mix up the pieces in my closet to create interesting outfits with character. I believe that doing this keeps me inspired and unafraid to take risks with fashion. This is the exact mindset that sparked this outfit. I thought it would be cool to pair a fitted, tailored sweater with loose and extremely distressed jeans, and then take the contrasting even further by slapping on a pair of heels. I wanted this look to appear effortless and casual while still maintaining an edgy and fashionable vibe, hence the fur trimmed jacket. I think this look contains a lot of statement pieces that definitely stand well on their own but at the same time can be paired together and not look too over the top. This is why I love fashion! There are so many opportunities to take risks and be creative and I encourage everyone to open their closets and explore! Put together 2 pieces that are so drastically different and see how it looks; you never know you could be on to something.

Outfit Details:

Jacket– Nastygal


Levis Jeans– Urban Outfitters

Heels– Jeffrey Campbell

Necklace-Urban Outfitters








The main idea behind this outfit was minimalism. I wanted to play with neutrals and focus on clean lines and simple pieces. The fact that it was a little cloudy this day actually worked in my favor because it allowed for the clothes to stand out against my overall grey surroundings. I liked that each photo had little to nothing going on in the background and you could really see the juxtaposition of empty space and a single figure. I don’t have too much to say about this post, but I guess that works in this case.

Outfit Details:

Trench Coat– Massimo Dutti

Longline Blazer– Urban Outfitters

Top– Asos

Skirt– H&M

Boots– Aldo

Wallet- Topshop

Necklace– Street Vendor







Though I haven’t been to many sample sales, I felt as though I hit the jackpot with this one! On this particular Sunday during New York fashion week, I started my day hitting up the Hugo Boss sample sale with my dad for some father/daughter bonding time. As we entered into the building and walked up the stairs into the giant warehouse I was amazed at the endless rows of racks full of clothes and the tables stocked with designer shoes that literally made my heart melt. I made my rounds and quickly developed a personal haul in my arms when I turned around and saw a young woman trying on the most AMAZING COAT!  I immediately ditched my pile and ran to the racks to find my size. When I tried it on I fell in love. This beautiful military style wool coat was everything I needed for the winter. It was constructed with the softest wool I have ever felt and it’s asymmetrical plaid pattern and gold buckles kept it unique and eye-catching without being too gaudy and over the top. Needless to say, I had to have it and the rest is history!

Outfit Details:

Coat– Hugo Boss

Scarf– H&M

Boots– Aldo

Sunglasses– American Apparel







Welcome! So for my first post, being that it is the first day of spring and snowing like crazy in NYC, I decided to throw it back to a beautiful day in London last September. On this particular day, I was out shopping and exploring the ins and outs of this beautiful city. I wanted to keep my outfit fun and comfortable, which is why I opted for leggings and flats. While I tend to keep my outfits more on the neutral side, I loved this abstract print tunic top with its bright orange accents. Luckily, I was able to capture a few cool moments in front of some of the most amazing murals on a street in East London, named Brick Lane. This street was full of chic and edgy boutiques, markets, and more Indian restaurants than I could count! I plan to revisit soon and make some more wonderful memories and outfits!

Outfit Details:

Top– Zara

Leggings– Zara

Loafers– Zara

Bag– Vintage Dooney & Burke